And the reason rhymes with “fuck”. Or “suck”. Or any other word that ends in u-c-k.

Here’s what Kevin Sherrington at the Dallas Morning News has to say about the whole thing:

Coming off the stunner in Detroit, the Rangers suddenly looked like a contender again. All that stood between that pivotal series and another against Oakland was Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay … home of the third-worst ERA in baseball and tied for last in batting average.

And what happens? Showalter comes back from his clubhouse hiatus, and the Rangers go in the tank.

There is more Dallas Morning News, err, news. A couple weeks ago the News’ publisher, Jim Moroney (whom I saw speak at the Austin College Law Symposium), offered buyouts to any staffer willing to leave the paper. And I mean any staffer.

Unfair Park, the informative and entertaining blog of the Dallas Observer, reported yesterday that a partial list of the staffers willing to accept Moroney’s buyouts is in their possession.

The list surprises me, although it shouldn’t, because much like the baseball team that plays in Arlington, print journalism is dying.

Anyway, Tim Cowlishaw is reportedly moving to ESPN. Philip Wuntch and Ed Bark, the movie and television critics, respectively, are moving on as well. Those two have been at the paper for as long as I can remember. And in a change that will affect my parents, but not me, Scott Burns, the lead business writer for the News, is out, too.

Come September 15, it’s going to be a much different Dallas Morning News that will be sitting on my kitchen table.

Or bathroom floor.

Also, today is Friday. Sarah, the aforementioned girl in the Boom Boom Room, is playing a show tonight at Club Dada. Rock and roll, man, rock and roll.