September 2006

Warning: Stop reading if you haven’t yet seen the season premiere of The Office. How arrogant is that? This website has three confirmed readers, but nonetheless, you’ve been warned. 

So The Office premiered tonight.

In my opinion, it’s the best show on television. There is no point into delving into its merits compared to the British version, because frankly, anyway you look at it The Office (UK) goes down as one of the best shows in television history. Its mixture of humor, awkwardness, and emotional devastation just worked perfectly. That said, the American version of the show has developed into its own animal. They’ve also managed to keep intact the Jim and Pam storyline, which is clearly the emotional core of the series, just as Tim and Dawn were the core of the UK Office. OK, I just delved into their comparative merits. Oops. Oh well, onto the show …

It was an excellent episode, not the best (that title belongs to Casino Night, The Injury, or Booze Cruise) but I place it firmly in my top five list. There were several classic moments — Michael declaring that he watches “Queer As Fuck,” Creed talking about having sex in 60s, Michael stating, “You don’t call your retarded people ‘retards.'” That’s bad taste. You call your friends retards when they’re acting retarded. And Oscar’s a true friend.”

Excellent plot twist as well — giving the viewers what they want in the form of a Pam/Roy breakup, but then holding off on immediate gratification by not putting she and Jim together immediately. As much as I loathe the phrase “jumping the shark,” having the two characters start dating would have ruined (or at least mitigated) much of the show’s appeal.

Anyway, it’s the only show that I really look forward to watching every week, though Studio 60 will probably fall into that category now, and I’m glad it’s back on the air.


Drinking beer at the bar at 2:30 p.m. on a Thursday when you should be at work is good, wholesome fun.

I don’t know what the best part is. Could be that the guy’s name is Bubb Rubb. Or it might be the way they almost hit two parked cars and then blow through a stop sign at the end.

Besides the unfortunate name (Uncle Barky? Are we at the carnival in ‘Big’?) Ed Bark’s new blog looks great. As I mentioned previously, Ed Bark is one of the 111 DMN writers and staffers who *chose* to take Belo’s buyout offer.

Uncle Barky’s Blog: Exhibit A as to why the internet is fascinating.

I mean, think about it. His last day was Friday. The blog was up and running yesterday. Had these buyouts occurred even 10 years ago, we all would have woken up one day to a gutted newspaper. Familar faces and familar writing would have been gone and there would be no way (outside of published magazine articles or books) to hear the other side of the story.

Now, not even two days after leaving the DMN, Bark has provided his readership a new forum to read his writing. And not only a new forum, but one without the journalistic constraints that shackled him under Belo, i.e. an innane ban on covering local news in the SIXTH BIGGEST television market in the country. Isn’t it great when you live in one of the ten biggest cities in America and there’s only one daily newspaper, whose owners and publishers just so happen to own the ABC affiliate? Good times.

Anyway, the internet is doubtlessly polluted with a bunch of shit not worth reading; something like this that makes me thankful for its existence.

Well, this and youTube. And And Literati.

 … and with about 30 seconds left I heard Al Michaels say something that I can’t ever remember an NFL announcer saying before.

The Redskins were about to score a completely meaningless touchdown with 30 seconds left. Michaels categorized it as such and then followed that up with, “Althought it MAY be meaningful to CERTAIN people.”

The over/under on the game was 39. The score was 27-10.

So way to go, Al Michaels, for having the guts to mention the plight of gamblers. Kinda.

Also, “The Graduate” is on in the other room and the music is great.

Also, my sister went to ACL this weekend. And because it wasn’t 109 degrees like it was last year, I’m jealous. Though we did go see Phoenix on Friday and they were kick ass.

This blog entry sucks, but after two weeks off the job I’ve gotta get back in the game somehow.