… and with about 30 seconds left I heard Al Michaels say something that I can’t ever remember an NFL announcer saying before.

The Redskins were about to score a completely meaningless touchdown with 30 seconds left. Michaels categorized it as such and then followed that up with, “Althought it MAY be meaningful to CERTAIN people.”

The over/under on the game was 39. The score was 27-10.

So way to go, Al Michaels, for having the guts to mention the plight of gamblers. Kinda.

Also, “The Graduate” is on in the other room and the music is great.

Also, my sister went to ACL this weekend. And because it wasn’t 109 degrees like it was last year, I’m jealous. Though we did go see Phoenix on Friday and they were kick ass.

This blog entry sucks, but after two weeks off the job I’ve gotta get back in the game somehow.