Besides the unfortunate name (Uncle Barky? Are we at the carnival in ‘Big’?) Ed Bark’s new blog looks great. As I mentioned previously, Ed Bark is one of the 111 DMN writers and staffers who *chose* to take Belo’s buyout offer.

Uncle Barky’s Blog: Exhibit A as to why the internet is fascinating.

I mean, think about it. His last day was Friday. The blog was up and running yesterday. Had these buyouts occurred even 10 years ago, we all would have woken up one day to a gutted newspaper. Familar faces and familar writing would have been gone and there would be no way (outside of published magazine articles or books) to hear the other side of the story.

Now, not even two days after leaving the DMN, Bark has provided his readership a new forum to read his writing. And not only a new forum, but one without the journalistic constraints that shackled him under Belo, i.e. an innane ban on covering local news in the SIXTH BIGGEST television market in the country. Isn’t it great when you live in one of the ten biggest cities in America and there’s only one daily newspaper, whose owners and publishers just so happen to own the ABC affiliate? Good times.

Anyway, the internet is doubtlessly polluted with a bunch of shit not worth reading; something like this that makes me thankful for its existence.

Well, this and youTube. And And Literati.