Alright Kevin, here are my two cents:

T.O., apparently despondent over not being able to attend his son’s seventh birthday party and having his engagement called off, probably took about 4 or 5 too many painkillers. His publicist, the heinous bitch to be known hereafter as Kim Etheredge, flipped out and called 911. T.O. did not lie to police when he told them he was depressed. He also probably ingested too many pills. The whole thing is rather fishy, though seeing him out on the practice field the morning after should be enough evidence to make anyone believe that he did not take 35 pills the night before.

Secondly, has there ever been a more crass contract mention than the publicist’s assertion that “Terrell has 25 million reasons to live.”?

I only have roughly 2,400 reasons to live. Come to think of it, about 1/5 of my will to live will be gone on the fifteenth of this month.

Screw Capital One.