Thos of you out there who have been with “Damn, It Was Right Here” since Day One might remember a blog entry I wrote about my friend named Sarah. Remember? There are at least a couple thousand of you, right?

Ok, so this Sarah – she worked in the Boom Boom Room. Due to unforeseen events involving some staff shuffling, Sarah no longer works in the Boom Boom Room. She’s now an office free agent of sorts, roaming the vast terrain between the back room and the copy room. That’s noteworthy, I guess, but what’s really noteworthy is that this Sarah just recorded an album in Los Angeles.

You can hear four songs from the upcoming record on her myspace page. Even though my anti-myspace stance hasn’t mellowed in two months, here’s the link:

Check ’em out if you know what’s good for you.

I’ll hear the whole record tomorrow. You could too if you were a legal assistant and worked in the copy room of a law office. Jealous?