I go through stretches during which I can’t think of anything to write. As this blog is currently the only outlet for my writing (though hopefully that’ll change soon), it suffers accordingly when I have nothing to say. Well, unless I suck, in which case these periodic lulls provide you a welcome respite.

Anyway, this past week serves as an example of the flip side — I feel like all I want to do is write, which is good, in light of the following news:

About a month ago I met with two guys at Pegasus News about possibly writing for their website. In the words of founder Mike Orren, Pegasus News started as:

“a local news and information service dedicated to bringing you everything — and we mean everything — you could possibly want to know about the things that most interest you about the place where you live.”

As of right now, that means Dallas. Or D/FW, if you prefer. The Metroplex, if you really must.

So anyway, I got a story assigment today, about which I am disproportionately excited. I’m supposed to find out why consumers in Denton County, on average, pay 1/3 the cost for energy than do their neighbors in Dallas County. It’s about as sexy as spraining an ankle … and I couldn’t be happier.

My background knowledge is pretty extensive. In high school, (Coppell High School — Dallas County. Relevancy!!) I used to crank our air conditioner down to about 62 every night and then face the wrath of my dad in the morning. Whoops.

If you happen to be reading this and have extensive knowledge of the deregulation of the power industry, I’m all ears.

Until then, I’ll keep writing.