In regards to your column, posted on ESPN today.

Dear Bill:

I feel that you may have gone a little overboard in heaping praise upon the Suns in your latest column. Sure, if Steve Nash had hit that three-pointer against Agent Zero and the Wiz and if The Good German hadn’t busted a three in the Suns’ collective face a couple weeks ago, then yes, the Suns would be riding a 28-game winning streak.

But let’s talk Mavs, Bill. The Suns have eight losses this season. Two have come against the Mavericks. The Mavs started the season 0-4, the Suns 1-5. Since that start, the Mavericks have been winning 88.8% of their games. Toss out the first four games of the year and the Mavs would be on pace for 72.8 wins this season. Since you can’t round up wins in the NBA (and you can’t on the official census, either, Mr. Every USA Household Averages 1.7 Children Census Guy), we’ll go ahead and give the Mavs 72 wins, thus tying them with the ’95-’96 Bulls for the most wins ever. But you already knew that, didn’t you, SportsGuy?

In winning Western Conference Player of the Week honors this past week, Dirk Nowitzki averaged averaged 32.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.0 steals. And that includes only 11 points in 25 minutes in a blowout win against the Blazers. Or read John Hollinger’s latest column (you do have ESPN Insider, don’t you?). He declares that if Josh Howard was hitting the free agent market this summer he’d command a maximum contract. You can take all the Boris Diaws you want, but give me Howard. As a last resort, we could always talk about the Mavs’ fourth quarter defense this season, which kinda dwarfs any defensive improvements the Suns may have made.

Yes, the Suns are a great team, but they’re not iconic. To mention them in the same sentence as your 80’s Celtics, well, that almost seems a little ridiculous. So take your hand out of Amare Stoudamire’s pants, stop giving Steve Nash a belly rub, and give some credit where credit is due. Also, thanks for writing, ’cause you’re really funny.


Parker in Dallas

P.S. If the refs had known last summer that Dwyane Wade is, in fact, not made of porcelain, then your column probably would have been about the chances of a Mavs’ repeat and talk of establishing dynasties, but I digress.