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Plano: Heaven or Hell? You Decide.

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A Friend of Unfair Park writes:

Not sure if you’ve followed this “story” on Slate, but apparently Mickey Kaus, Virginia Postrel, and Andrew Sullivan have been engaging in debate (loosely centered around the success of Brokeback Mountain in Plano) regarding whether Plano is a prime example, if not ground zero, of the modern “red state” city.

Kind of interesting, in my opinion, that Plano is touted nationally as either a sort of exurban, yuppie paradise or a city full of closed-minded pricks who spend their whole lives trying to root out sodomy.

Here’s the link to the Slate piece. Me, I think Plano’s just about the best city to drive through in all of the U.S. and A. –Robert Wilonsky

 The “Friend of Unfair Park” is me. Rock on.